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Quality Aluminum Floorings

Our Aluminum Floorings are designed to imitate the look of natural wood, enhancing the beauty of your patio or deck without the hassle of constant upkeep. Say goodbye to painting, repainting, varnishing, refinishing, or replacing rotten boards. With our Aluminum Flooring, you'll enjoy your outdoor space year after year, without the burden of annual restorations.

We offer a variety of models for your flooring project. Choose from different molding models, including faux wood, barn wood, beige, and grey​. Our corner models also come in a variety of options to suit your taste and match your chosen flooring​​. Opt for our floor models that range from faux wood to various shades of beige and grey, both in open and closed designs, offering a customizable experience for every customer​​.

Customized for your project

Our aluminum floorings go beyond conventional ready-made solutions; they are meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive requirements and style preferences of every project. Whether you're planning to floor a residential deck, a commercial outdoor space, or a high-traffic recreational area, our floorings can be personalized in dimensions, textures and colors. From elegant motifs, contemporary minimalist styles, to classic appearances - whatever your design aspiration, we translate it into reality with accuracy and artistic finesse. Through these customizable options, we aim to help you create a design narrative that's authentically yours, ensuring your flooring not only meets functional needs but also resonates with your aesthetic vision.

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What our clients say

Good experience from beginning to end.

K. Johnson

We love the new fence, Dan went beyond our expectations, thank you.

M. Germain

Love the service, thanks Dan!

S. Therien

Why Aluminum floors?

Aluminum, a significant element that makes up 8% of the Earth's crust, is not just abundant but also one of the few renewable minerals. Its unique properties make it a top choice for flooring solutions. Here's some benefits that make Aluminum stand out for flooring projects:

Cooler: Aluminum floorings on decks exhibit a unique thermal advantage, staying about 2°C cooler compared to wood or composite materials. This is due to aluminum's natural ability to reflect solar radiation and dissipate heat more efficiently, ensuring a cooler surface even under the warm sun, enhancing your outdoor comfort.

Lightweight: Despite their strength, aluminum floors are incredibly light, ensuring easy installation and reduced load on supporting structures.

Durability: Aluminum's significant durability, ensures that your floor remains secure and elegant for years. With superior resistance against deterioration, aluminum floorings can withstand the test of time and elements, making them perfect for Ontario's diverse climate.

Environmental Impact: Aluminum retains its unique properties even after recycling, allowing it to be reused multiple times without losing its quality. By choosing aluminum floors, you're not only ensuring durability but also promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Areas we serve

We are proud to offer our premium aluminum flooring solutions across a most of Ontario. Below is a list of the cities and areas we proudly serve, each linked to their respective municipal websites for easy access to local regulations and permitting processes.

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