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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose aluminum for my construction needs?
Aluminum is a highly versatile material and one of the most used metals in the world, second only to iron. This is due to its unique properties such as its lightweight nature, great strength, superior resistance to deterioration, and flexibility. It is also easy to manipulate, allowing for easy cutting, drilling, welding, bonding, taping, and more. Therefore, it's an ideal choice for many construction needs​


Can aluminum be recycled?
Absolutely. One of the greatest advantages of aluminum is that it retains its unique properties even after recycling. This means that it can be reused multiple times without losing its quality and strength, making it a sustainable choice for construction.

Is aluminum the best choice for fencing or railings?
Aluminum is an excellent choice for railings, particularly in Canadian climates. However, when considering aluminum for fencing in areas with heavy snow, it's important to consider the project's size and the weight of the snow.

Does powder-coated aluminum require extra maintenance?
Maintaining powder-coated aluminum is straightforward. Simply clean with a mild soapy solution and rinse with plain water every six months to remove any buildup of pollens and pollutants. If your aluminum products are in marine or industrial areas, this cleaning may need to occur more frequently​.

How long will my aluminum railing last?
While nothing lasts forever, you can expect your aluminum railing to last about 20 years, given that it is not in constant contact with caustic elements. This longevity is another reason why aluminum is a fantastic choice for construction needs​.

How can I prolong the lifespan of my aluminum posts?
Aluminum doesn't require any special care, but it's important to keep caustic materials such as salt or fertilizers away from aluminum exteriors. This simple step can help your aluminum posts last longer

Can aluminum withstand harsh weather conditions?
Yes, aluminum is highly resistant to various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sun exposure. It does not rust or rot, making it an excellent choice for outdoor structures. However, in areas with heavy snowfall, the weight of the snow should be taken into consideration for larger projects such as fencing.

Does aluminum fencing or railing fade or discolor over time?
Aluminum products are often powder-coated, a process that creates a durable and protective finish that resists fading and discoloration. However, like all materials exposed to the elements, there may be some minimal color change over a long period of time.

Is aluminum safe for my family and pets?
Yes, aluminum is a safe material. It does not splinter or have sharp edges like some other materials can when they deteriorate. Furthermore, our aluminum products are finished with a smooth powder coating, reducing the risk of injury from sharp edges.

How does the cost of aluminum compare to other materials like wood or iron?
While the initial cost of aluminum can be higher than some other materials, it is often more cost-effective in the long run. This is because aluminum requires less maintenance and has a longer lifespan compared to many other materials.

Can aluminum be customized to fit my specific needs?
One of the great advantages of aluminum is its versatility. It can be easily shaped and designed to fit a variety of applications. Whether you need a custom size, shape, or color, aluminum can likely be adapted to meet your needs.

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