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quality aluminum products.


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The team of Aluminum Depot Kingston is committed to providing you the highest quality drafting, design and installation on a wide variety of options of aluminum products. Our experience spans over four decades of industry experience in manufacturing and installation of eco-friendly aluminum products.

Service offerings

Every client's needs and preferences are unique, so we've designed our service offerings to be as flexible as possible:

  1. Full Service: We handle everything from measurement to installation. 

  2. We Measure, You Install: We'll take the measurements, then you handle the installation.  We provide the assurance of accurate measurements, and you get the satisfaction and potential cost savings of installing the fence yourself. 

  3. You Measure, You Install: By taking the measurements yourself, you have control over the specifics while we ensure precision cuts for your project. This approach is also the most cost-effective, as you're actively involved several stages.

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What our clients say

Good experience from beginning to end.

K. Johnson

We love the new fence, Dan went beyond our expectations, thank you.

M. Germain

Love the service, thanks Dan!

S. Therien

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